N.R.A Show Indianapolis

October 24, 2014 | Tags: ,

Last month we attended and displayed at the N.R.A. Show in Indianapolis. The show was very busy as it always is and is always lots of fun seeing customers and friends.

I had the opportunity to talk in depth with a good friend of mine Susan Rexrode at the show. She is the founder of SFWA – Shooting For Women Alliance. We discussed a lot of things about handguns in particular like finding the right handgun to fit your hand which is a science in itself I found out. We also discussed what women could do to prepare and protect themselves in a difficult situation and also about learning how to handle and shoot a handgun well. I know I have a lot to learn and skills to perfect on firing my handguns well and I want to have 100% confidence in myself and the handgun I’m firing.

We decided to have her come from Tennessee to Utah in June to teach and further educate some of us ladies on how to become the best handgun shooter that we can be. She said with 100% confidence that she can teach us how to do that – and I truly believe she can. I am very excited.

After going around to many gun companies with her at the show, I learned that many handguns don’t fit my hand properly and I have never been shown how to determine that until I talked with Susan. I would bet 98% of you don’t know how to check that either!!! I am including a quick guide that she wrote about in her latest magazine that can help you with that process. Read this and then check your handgun at home to see if it does in fact fit you – or better yet, go to your local sporting goods store and try out several different manufacturers ‘ handguns to see how they fit in your hand. I think you will be amazed at what you find out about yourself and the fit of the handgun. Maybe you have the right handgun now – I certainly hope so but it never hurts to check.


PDF-icon How To Precision Fit A Handgun


At the end of May, myself and a good friend Betsy Spomer will be attending a SAAM Safari Training Course in Barksdale, Texas. At SAAM Safari, we will learn the basics of hunting plains game and dangerous game in Africa. The course incorporates action video and interactive shot placement specific to many African species, including the Cape Buffalo and African Elephant. Students shoot life-size plains game targets (i.e. Kudu, Impala, Waterbuck) out to 300 yards and dangerous game targets (i.e. Buffalo, Elephant, Lion, Leopard and Hippo) up close on their moving, charging , and static ranges. Yes, I have hunted Africa numerous times but I really feel like I need some additional training – especially after missing my leopard last year!! I will be heading to Mozambique this year in July with my daughter, Jessica and friend John Mogle that will be filming the hunt for his television show – Hunting Illustrated TV. The show will air in the Fall and Winter of 2015. I am banking on this course to help me become more confident in all of my shots.

I don’t think anyone can have enough training as far as shooting firearms go and the more proper training you get from people that know how to train you – the better you become. I have been to a few handgun training courses but not rifle so I feel like this will be a great opportunity for both me and Betsy. Check out their website at www.ftwoutfitters.com

Have a great and wonderful year!!

Coni Brooks