Spit Fire T-EZ

Big Game Muzzleloader

Barnes’ NEW Spit-Fire T-EZ muzzleloader bullets load easier, even in tight bores. A new sabot reduces the ramrod pressure required to load and seat these .50-caliber, flat-base bullets. T-EZ bullets deliver the same match-grade accuracy all Barnes’ MZ bullets are famous for. The 100% copper bullets feature a polymer tip that enhances expansion and boosts BC for superior long-range ballistics. They expand at both close and extended range, creating six razor-edge cutting petals that maximize shock and penetration.

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Caliber Options

50 CAL

Diameter .451
Weight 250
S.D 0.176
B.C 100yd .195
Box QTY 24
Catalog # 30601

50 CAL

Diameter .451
Weight 290
S.D 0.204
B.C 100yd .223
Box QTY 24
Catalog # 30607