Brian Ham

March 7, 2018:

Brian took this beautiful North Dakota Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep with a well place 150gr TTSX from his 7mm Rem Mag. After drying time this phenomenal ram fell just shy of the state record.

Michael French

February 20, 2018:

Large New Zealand Bull Tahr, 80gr TTSX 243.

Jeff Birkett

November 14, 2017:

Jeff took this large Eland Bull with a lever action rifle and VOR-TX 45/70 Gov ammo.

VOR-TX LR 6.5 Creedmoor Buffalo

November 14, 2017:

This young lady took a great buffalo with the VOR-TX LR 6.5 Creedmoor ammo.

Bill Hansen

November 14, 2017:

Bill Hansen took this giant public land general season muley with his 25-06 loaded with VOR-TX ammo.

Mark Hampton

November 14, 2017:

Writer Mark Hampton took this great caribou with the VOR-TX LR 6.5 Creedmoor ammo.

Trenton Olsen

November 14, 2017:

Beautiful public land muley taken with VOR-TX LR 7mm Rem Mag ammo.

Samantha Alexander

October 11, 2017:

Samantha utilized a Barnes 250 grain T-EZ muzzle loader bullet to anchor the giant UT muley.

Kyle Ekker

February 28, 2017:

Kyle Ekker was the very lucky recipient of the 2016 UT Sportsman’s Rocky Mt Bighorn Sheep Tag. He took full advantage & killed a Giant 194″ Ram.

Dan Larsson

March 8, 2017:

Kansas didn’t disappoint for Dan Larsson. With a custom Winchester Model 70 in 7mm STW Dan utilized a 145gr LRX and put the giant buck down at 350 yards.

Shannon Blasio

March 8, 2017:

Shannon Blasio with a giant CO muley. Using a 150gr TTSX in her 7MM Rem mag, Shannon put this old monarch on the ground.

Jessica Brooks-Stevens

July 1, 2015:

Jessica Brooks-Stevens now holds the SCI world record free-range stag with this bruiser. Jessica was carrying a Fierce Firearms 270 WSM shooting 140 gr. VOR-TX ammunition.

Randy Brooks

July 1, 2015:

Randy Brooks, the inventor of the X Bullet, with his mule deer taken with a 300 Weatherby loaded with a 168 gr. TTSX.

Rick Van Dyke

July 1, 2015:

Rick took this buck with a 30 caliber 180 gr. TSX bullet.

Scott Grange

July 1, 2015:

Scott took this interior grizzly at 300 yards with a 325 WSM and a 200 gr. TSX bullet

Wes Regan

July 1, 2015:

Sable – 338 Win 210 gr. TSX

I just wanted to drop you a note and say thanks for building the best bullet on the market. I used your .338 caliber, 210gr. Barnes-X bullet on a Hippo/Nile Crocodile/Sable safari to Mozambique in the latter part of August of 2012. All of my veteran safari friends said the .338 Win Mag was “too light” to use on Hippo & Croc, especially with the 210gr bullet. Well, they were wrong. One shot on the Hippo bull resulted in a complete pass-thru on a side brain shot. In one ear, out the other. The PH was extremely impressed with the performance of the Barnes bullet and even said that most .375 H&H rounds do not exit with that shot. He was equally impressed with the performance on a 14’-7” croc at 100yds. A perfect side brain shot resulted in the croc never moving anything other than his tail! Again, perfect performance. The Sable was a broadside 130yd heart shot with complete pass-thru. The bull only made it 30 yds. Perfect performance as expected. Keep up the fantastic work.

Mike Seymour

July 1, 2015:

Mike with his Hartebeest

One of the first questions that my PH asked me was what kind of bullet I was shooting. When I told him both rifles were shooting Barnes TSX bullets, he grinned and said that we were going to get along just fine. I could not have asked for better performance from a bullet. I used both rifles and they both worked great. I recovered one 180 gr bullet that traveled through about 36 inches of Blue Wildebeest. It weighs 179.9 grains.

Your bullets have a lot of respect in South Africa. All the PH’s at the camp I was at said that they wished all the hunters coming would use Barnes bullets.

Keith Eliason

July 1, 2015:

Keith with his Gemsbok – .308″ 165 gr. TSX

Kalan Lemon

July 1, 2015:

Kalen of Wade Lemon Hunting with his Desert Bighorn sheep – Taken with a 270 WSM loaded with a 130 TSX bullet.

Andy Zeltwanger

July 1, 2015:

Andy took this Kudu with a .416 300 gr. TSX

Bill Wilson

July 1, 2015:

Bill Wilson of Wilson Combat took this elk with his 458 SOCOM loaded with the Barnes 300 gr. TAC-TX bullet.

Chris Crosby

January 21, 2015:

Chris Crosby of the Production department put in the time and came away with this bruiser. Chris used a 7mm RUM and a 150-gr TTSX.

Chris Downs

July 1, 2015:

Chris took this whitetail buck with 30 caliber 130 gr. TTSX

Terry Scott

July 1, 2015:

Terry Scott, free range Fallow deer – 270 WSM 130 gr. TTSX Fierce Firearms

Wes Hixson

July 1, 2015:

Wes used a 168 gr. TTSX loaded in a 300 RUM to take this Cape Eland

Kim Wallace

July 1, 2015:

Taken with the Remington Ultimate Muzzleloader and a Barnes Spit-Fire T-EZ 250 gr. bullet.

Jeff Bedey

July 1, 2015:

Jeff took this moose with a 338 Win Mag 225 gr. VOR-TX ammunition

Tim Sundles

January 9, 2015:

Tim Sundles of Buffalo Bore Ammunition hunted the Yukon and took this amazing Moose with a .338 Win. Mag and a 210 gr. Barnes TTSX bullet.

Brandon Chrisp

July 1, 2015:

Brandon Chrisp was the winner of the Utah Mountain Lion VOR-TX contest. He had the chance to come to Utah and hunt with Barnes. He took this Mountain Lion with a 30-30 loaded with the 150 gr. Barnes VOR-TX ammunition.

Gus Bisset

July 1, 2015:

Gus traveled all the way from New Zealand to hunt this monster muley. He used a 300 RUM 165 gr. VOR-TX ammunition.

Wayne Johnson

July 1, 2015:

Wayne took this elk with a 290 gr. T-EZ Muzzleloader bullet on the Utah Book Cliffs unit.

Bennett Rowe

June 25, 2015:

Bennett took this Bison with a 6.5 x 54 loaded with a 120 gr. Barnes TTSX bullet.

Coni Brooks

June 25, 2015:

Coni Brooks took this enormous leopard in July of 2014 while hunting in Mozambique. It weighed in at 180 lbs.
The leopard was taken with a 338 Win. and 225 gr. Barnes VOR-TX Ammunition.

Lance Astle

June 16, 2015:

Barnes R&D Engineer, Lance Astle, gathered his gear and went for a quick weekend hunting trip to the Arizona Strip for feral hogs. After some early morning spotting Lance was able to stalk up onto a group of hogs and brought down this pig with his DPMS LR-308, loaded with 150 gr. TTSX bullets.

Joseph G.

June 4, 2015:

“Thanks for the coaching and recommendations! My 3006 throws two inch groups at 400 yards and folded a 400 pound Alaskan black bears with one shot at 25 yards. I was seriously impressed with my bullet performance. My 180 gr TTSX had 95% weight retention after shattering this bear’s spine and shoulder on frontal shot.”

Rob Zook

September 22, 2016:

Rob Zook of Rocky Boots and Rocky Venator Camo with a 368″ bull he took using a 280 Rem and 145gr LRX bullets.

Kayla Yaksich

September 22, 2016:

Kayla Yakisch 168″ Desert Bighorn taken with a 127gr LRX from her 6.5 Creedmoor

Kacee Crawford

September 22, 2016:

While on safari in South Africa Kacee Crawford was able to take a spiral horn slam with her Remington 7mm-08 loaded with Barnes 140gr TSX bullets.

Greg Christensen

January 21, 2015:

Greg Christensen (left) always enjoys hunting with his family each year. His father, Stan Christensen (right), shot this huge shiras moose with his .300 Win and a 168-grain TSX.

Gregg Sloan

January 21, 2015:

Gregg Sloan, Ballistics Lab Supervisor, took this impressive 6×7 bull elk in an limited entry unit located in central Utah. He used a 300 Win Mag loaded with a 180-grain TTSX.